Jameis Winston May Be Punished For Yelling "F--k Her Right in The P---y," [UPDATE: Suspended for First Half]


Jameis Winston jumped on a table on the Florida State campus and yelled “Fuck Her Right in the Pussy,” in reference to the internet meme. Florida State, according to Jimbo Fisher, is considering punishing their Heisman-winning quarterback. Winston, within the last calendar year, was implicated but not charged in a sexual assault case and arrested for stealing crab legs.

This was dumb, for anyone. It was poor judgement especially for Winston, given his profile and personal history.

What the potential punishment will be is an interesting decision. Will he be suspended for all or part of the game? Florida State faces one of its only “tests” of the season against Clemson this weekend. Florida State folks are high on backup quarterback Sean Maguire. But perhaps not high enough to place the season on his throwing shoulder. Would the punishment be different if this was before the Citadel game?

It’s also yet another issue that will end up on his scouting reports with NFL teams. Given the present public relations climate in the league, we may see his stock tumble rapidly.

UPDATE: Winston suspended for the 1st half of Clemson game.

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