Jameis Winston Investigated By Florida State University, Two Teammates Charged with Code of Conduct Violations Arising From 2012 Rape Allegations



Jameis Winston has been investigated by Florida State University, according to a report from Deadspin. This University investigation is based on the alleged rape of December 7, 2012, that was not investigated by law enforcement until nearly a year later.  Two teammates of Winston’s have been charged with five different University code of conduct violations, but Winston has yet to be charged by the University. The school’s investigation began after the criminal investigation was concluded, and after Florida State won the national championship game in January.

The two other players, Chris Casher and Ronald Darby, told investigators they were present and witnessed Winston having sex with the accuser. According to Deadspin, Casher “said he’d walked into the room ‘to see if the female would agree to allow Casher to participate in the sex acts that were occurring.'” Denied, he then reportedly videotaped it, but told investigators he later deleted the video and discarded the phone.

Interestingly, Jameis Winston does not currently face code of conduct charges (yet), because he has stonewalled investigators. According to Deadspin’s source, Winston refused to answer questions, and “instead, the meeting became ‘an educational conversation’ in which Winston was advised of the university’s definition of consent, its alcohol policies, and its code of conduct.”

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