Jameis Winston Arrives in Tampa One Day After He Files a Trademark for 'Famous Jameis'

By Jason McIntyre

Jameis Winston has had a busy March, and the month is only three days old: Monday, he filed for a trademark on ‘Famous Jameis‘ and Tuesday he began interviews with the quarterback-less Tampa Bay Bucs.

First, on the trademark: Who cares. Brand away. That’s what the kids want to do, so let ’em. Winston hasn’t accomplished a damn thing yet in the pros – he hasn’t even been drafted! – and he flops in the NFL, people will remember the hubris for getting a trademark more than winning a Championship at FSU.

Who knows – maybe this is a situation where Winston’s “team” of agents, lawyers and handlers say, “just do this, we’ll handle the heavy lifting” and boom, he’s making a few million on the side and not having to put much time or energy into it.

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Now, the Bucs: I said it during the college football season, and I stand by it now – I would not draft Jameis Winston 1st. I fear the lack of maturity and feel Tampa is way too close to the Tallahassee bubble. I’m aware of his arm and his football IQ and his size and everything football-related. I still pass and go with Marcus Mariota. My guess is that Tampa will take Winston.

All signs point to Tampa going after Winston, but keep an eye out for some “sources” taking shots at the QB after his visit to Tampa. You know those sources – reporters who claim to have inside knowledge on these meetings, but really are just guessing to create a juicy storyline.

And there’s incentive for the Bucs to let it be known they aren’t that interested in Winston, even though they were foolish enough to cut last year’s starter in February: A dozen teams desperately need a QB to come in and start, and might be willing to offer multiple picks to trade up for him. But that would mean Tampa has plan B in free agency at QB. Do you buy them loving Mark Sanchez or Brian Hoyer?

Only eight weeks until the draft!

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