Jalen Rose: Kawhi Leonard is Returning to Toronto


On Get UpJalen Rose said he is hearing that Kawhi Leonard is “99 percent” returning to the Toronto Raptors. Rose says Leonard will be signing a two-year deal with the NBA champions:

This is the move that makes the most sense for Leonard. He will be the best player in the NBA next season and does not need to join LeBron James and the Lakers. He just showed he can lead this exact team to a title and there is no reason to think the Raptors cannot do it again next season. The roster fits Leonard well and he is now superhero-like in the city of Toronto.

Rose’s statement does go against what his colleague Stephen A. Smithis saying.

Earlier today, Smith said Leonard is going to the Lakers. Presumably, Leonard won’t keep us waiting too much longer. I mean, we are long past 6 p.m. Sunday.

Maybe he just likes helping Twitter traffic?