Jalen Rose Thinks College Athletes Should Be Able to Major in Sports

Jalen Rose
Jalen Rose / Scott Legato/Getty Images

Reggie Bush may not like it, but his comments in Playboy have reignited a debate about what college should look like for high-level college athletes. Jalen Rose was on Get Up this morning and suggested that college athletes should be able to major in sports.

As a catch-all for most athletes, probably not, but individually, athletes should be able to tailor their educations to fit what their lives could become. Rose basically just sounds like he thinks that college athletes should be able to learn different things so that if they don't end up being a pro, they can still get a job in sports. And for those who do make it, they are going to be dealing with some complicated situations that college should be preparing them for. And that makes all the sense in the world.

Making an obvious professional sports draft pick major in public communications or business administration for six months to three years makes no sense. There is enough money involved at any institution that lands the Zion Williamsons and Chase Youngs of the world that they should be able to focus on the few guys generating all the money so that when their time to comes, they can figure out how to handle it. The same goes for anyone who needs a fallback plan.

They should be taking communications classes (Jalen mentioned P.R. specifically) and business classes, and how about just classes on life in general? Hell, all colleges should have a class or two where you learn to just organize your life.

One thing this pandemic had better do is make everyone take a hard look at how things were being done under "normal" circumstances. Hopefully, colleges and college athletes take this opportunity to make some structural changes that benefits everyone involved. Rose sounds like someone who should be involved