Jalen Rose Believes Juwan Howard Hire Will Reunite Fab Five


The Fab Five captured the attention of the country in the early 1990s with their style and basketball skills. A few decades later, every member has had levels of success in their own right. Over the years, though, they’ve grown apart; Chris Webber and Jalen Rose, in particular, have a public feud with each other spanning years.

Yesterday, it was announced one member of the Fab Five would be returning to Michigan after the school hired Juwan Howard to lead their basketball program. On Thursday, Jalen Rose said he believed the hire would reunite the Fab Five, and they’d put aside their differences in the process.

It seems odd the hiring of Howard would change a relationship that has deteriorated so significantly over the years. It’s surely an exciting moment for all of Howard’s former teammates to see former teammate given the chance to lead the program that brought them all together and made them stars. But the issues between Webber and Rose, at least, seem deeper than surface level.

Rose criticized Webber at several points in his book released back in 2015, and Webber didn’t take kindly to that, later accusing Rose of selling out and becoming “one of them” to further his career. Rose fired back and said he didn’t need to talk about Webber to further his career. Most recently, Webber accepted an invite to become an honorary captain for a Michigan football game, and Rose implied he only did it to help his Hall of Fame candidacy with media folks.

There’s a lot going on there, and likely even more that never made it to the public eye. So let’s all take Rose’s statement with a grain of salt until either Webber agrees or we see some kind of proof with our own eyes. A Fab Five reunion would be great content, but Howard’s hire alone probably isn’t enough to fix issues that have been simmering since 1991.