Video of Jalen Hurts Trying, Failing to Catch High Pass During Pro Bowl is Hilarious

Jalen Hurts
Jalen Hurts /

On Sunday the NFL Pro Bowl was played in Orlando, Florida. As was the case last year the league and the Pro Bowlers happily abandoned the facade of a real football game and instead participated in various minigames, culminating in a flag football contest between the two conferences. Starting at quarterback for the NFC side was Jalen Hurts in his second Pro Bowl appearance and the Philadelphia Eagles star had the lowlight of the day thanks to a bad pass from a divisional rival.

In the first quarter of the flag football game, head coach Eli Manning called a Philly Special. Or the flag football version of it, anyway, which is just throwing a screen pass and then having the QB roll out for a pass. Hurts snapped it and threw it over to CeeDee Lamb, who juked out a defender before throwing it back to Hurts. He was over the line of scrimmage when he did so but nobody cared because it's flag football.

Unfortunately his pass was just a touch high, forcing Hurts to go full extension in an attempt to come down with it. It was perhaps the least athletic the dual-threat quarterback has ever looked.

Incredibly hilarious slow-motion replay. The dexterity and vertical of a dad on the beach three beers too deep throwing the pigskin around with the neighbors. And it's coming from a guy who put up 4,463 all-purpose yards for an NFL team last season!

Maybe that is the true beauty of this version of the Pro Bowl. These elite athletes are giving so little effort that the Average Joe's at home can finally see a bit of themselves while watching the game. Because I can promise you I can easily replicate this incompletion. Just give me a six pack and some time to stretch and I'll look just like Jalen Hurts!