Jalen Hurts' Injured Middle Finger Doesn't Look Right


The Philadelphia Eagles are getting blitzed by the New York Giants in Week 18, trailing 24-0 in the first half. And things keep getting worse for the birds. Quarterback Jalen Hurts appears to have injured the middle finger on his throwing hand and, it really doesn't look good.

It appears the finger has popped out of place, and Hurts was on the sideline showing everyone just how bad it was:

Here's video of the play where he injured it:

Here's a still, but brace yourself, it looks nasty...

Well that doesn't look good. Especially with the playoffs starting next week. Hurts has already dealt with a knee injury all season so this is just more misery for Philly's franchise quarterback.

The Eagles are completely out of their depth on both sides of the ball on Sunday. The Giants took a 24-0 lead with 1:47 left in the first half, and had racked up 272 yards of total offense, while holding the Eagles to 91 yards.

The Eagles have a lot to play for on Sunday. If they beat the Giants and the Cowboys lost to the Cowboys, Philly would win the NFC East and get the No. 2 seed. If this holds, it looks like they'll be the first Wild Card team instead.

UPDATE: Hurts has been taken out of the game and replaced by Marcus Mariota.