When the Jalen Hurts Contract Embargo Ended, Everyone Learned About His Agent, Nicole Lynn

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Jalen Hurts just signed a massive extension with the Philadelphia Eagles. The news was announced at exactly 11am Eastern Standard Time by, well, everyone. The Eagles official account tweeted the news at 11am. Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport both tweeted the news at 11am accompanied by BREAKING NEWS graphics. Rapoport and Tom Pelissero had a story ready to publish at 11am. There was clearly an embargo involved which makes the breaking news claim quite amusing, but there was also something important going on with this signing. Historic, even.

Hurts' agent, Nicole Lynn of Klutch Sports, was mentioned everywhere. Lynn is the first Black woman to represent a top-three pick in the NFL Draft. In February she became the first Black female agent to represent a quarterback playing in the Super Bowl. Just a few years ago she still working as a lawyer fulltime and doing the NFL agent thing in her spare time. Now she negotiated one of the biggest deal in NFL history. It's quite a story and good reason to mention who negotiated the deal because for once it's worth noting.