Jake Browning's Girlfriend Is Wearing Something Incredible


Jake Browning has been downright competent during his time filling in for the injured Joe Burrow. It wasn't quite enough for the Cincinnati Bengals to make the postseason, but there's always a nice market for a backup quarterback who can win actual NFL games. Browning is adding to his marketability today against the Cleveland Browns, leading his team to an early 14-0 lead.

So that means it's shaping up to be a delightful Sunday afternoon for Browning's girlfriend, Stephanie Niles. She got her hands on a customized body suit that has Browning's initials and numbers on it to wear in a suite and paired it with a hat leftover from Clueless.

It's a great look and not one just anyone could pull off. I need to know more about the person who leaves her hanging after the score because how many opportunities does a person get to celebrate with a someone who has apparently traveled through time from the future to check out an AFC North rivalry?

Taylor Swift is likely not going to pull out this type of support for Travis Kelce come playoff time. If she does, though, say goodbye to Al Gore's internet.