Jaguars Showing Red Zone on Video Boards at EverBank Field is Finally a Great Idea to Get People in the Stadium

By Jason McIntyre

The NFL has been dealing with sagging attendance for a few years, and almost all of the plans I’ve heard to remedy the situation are worthless. Finally, Jacksonville – of all places – has a great idea: Let’s put Red Zone on our new video boards! From Sports Business Journal:

"“We know this would be welcomed by the large portion of our fans who are transplants to Jacksonville, as well as all fantasy football enthusiasts,” Lamping said."

Absolutely brilliant.

Red Zone is only the greatest move by any sports league in recent memory. (It doesn’t really work for basketball or baseball or college football, unfortunately.) It has completely re-shaped how everyone watches football. If the Jets are on at night or play on Monday, I watch Red Zone from 1-7:15 (or whenever the final game ends). Six hours of football with no commercials is how I spend my Sundays from September through December.

If the Jets play at 1 pm, I watch the Jets and literally switch the channels between plays to Red Zone. The best is when the game goes touchdown, extra point, COMMERCIAL, kickoff, COMMERCIAL, then back to the action. You might see one play in eight minutes of actual television. After a season of Red Zone, I guarantee you’ll be cursing your TV when that happens.

If you don’t have Red Zone, trust me when I say it is the best $50 football investment you’ll make this Fall.* And this isn’t even about gambling or fantasy sports (though it makes those activities more fun, as well).

Congrats to the Jags on a splendid idea. Every team will be following this move in the coming years.  [via Deadspin via PFT]

* Second best? Parlay the Jets season under win total and the season over wins total on the Seahawks and Bengals. Straight cash, homey.