Jaguars Have No Choice But to Trade Jalen Ramsey at This Point

Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver Broncos
Jacksonville Jaguars v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Today the Jalen Ramsey/Jaguars standoff went to DEFCON 3.

So far this season, Ramsey has feuded with his coach and a team executive, as well as missed practices due to everything from minor back issues to a suspect onset of the flu. He treated the Jaguars' game vs. Denver on Sept. 20 as if it was his last with the club, and hugged some of his teammates on the sideline after the game.

But earlier this week, despite multiple requests, despite his refusal to perform for the Jaguars, and despite multiple reported offers from other teams, Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan doubled down on his refusal to trade Ramsey. Khan is so stubborn in his insistence on keeping Ramsey a Jaguar that he turned down at least one offer of multiple first-round picks (possibly from the Philadelphia Eagles).

Then reports came in from ESPN's Chris Mortensen that Ramsey would not even appear on the sideline for the Jaguars' game today vs. their 1995 expansion brothers, the Carolina Panthers. Why? He's seeing a back specialist.

At this point it's clear that Jalen Ramsey has no interest to show up and perform for the Jacksonville Jaguars, and that the Jaguars' coaching staff has no patience left for Ramsey's behavior. Head coach Doug Marrone has not made any tangible attempts to rein his star player in.

There is no point for Khan to keep up the charade. The rest of the NFL is practically begging for Ramsey's services, even to the point of offering their family jewels for him.

Ramsey has become a problem for the Jaguars organization, and the solution is staring Khan right in the face. History has proven that teams can build contenders out of stockpiled draft picks, and by blowing a golden opportunity, Khan may just hinder his team's efforts to build a winning franchise.