Relive The Jaguars' Hilariously Dumb Sequence to End First Half


Miscues have dogged the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday Night Football. The Jags entered halftime trailing the Baltimore Ravens 10-0, but they had plenty of chances. That includes an end of half sequence that was one of the dumbest we've ever seen from an NFL team.

After the Ravens scored a touchdown to take a 10-point lead with 1:12 to go before the break, the Jaguars started the ensuing drive on their own 41-yard line. Five plays later they faced second-and-11 from Baltimore's 41-yard line. Trevor Lawrence dropped back and completed a deep ball to Zay Jones, who was finally tackled at the Ravens' 5-yard line. One problem? He was tackled in bounds and the Jaguars had no timeouts. Cue with Benny Hill music.

Rather than run up and spike the ball, Lawrence opted to run a play. They lined up out of the shotgun with 13 seconds left. Lawrence got the ball, dropped back and threw the ball to Parker Washington. who was on the 4-yard line. He was tackled immediately by Marcus Williams in bounds and before the Jags could spike the ball, the clock ran out. Instead of a late-half score to take momentum, it was a kick in the groin.


If Lawrence had just spiked the ball with 13 or 14 seconds left, the Jags would have had at least two shots at the end zone. But what makes this worse is Lawrence throwing the ball short of the end zone. He didn't even look at other options, he just fired to his first read, who was four yards short of the end zone and not close to the sideline.

Just a moronic sequence. Spike the ball and regroup. Down 10-0 with the Ravens receiving the ball after halftime you have to come away with points there. A completely wasted opportunity.

This capped off a half of incompetence for Jacksonville that included two missed field goals.