Jacksonville Jaguars War Room Was Just Two Sad-Looking Guys: This Day in Sports History


A renewed focus on NFL Draft war rooms has snapped into view in recent weeks as teams scramble to figure out a way to conduct their big nights away from the comfort of the team facility. There's been much consternation -- as predicted -- because football types are often beholden to routine. And while there are some very real obstacles to overcome for this weekend's virtual draft, it might be helpful to remind everyone that these rooms can look more like the sign-in table at a science fair than where chiefs of staff would congregate to oversee a helicopter raid vital to national security.

Just seven short years ago today, the Jacksonville Jaguars suffered the indignity of having just two guys at a table in an otherwise empty room as the NFL Network broke out the quad box to show action at four facilities. It was heartbreaking.

And I know what you're thinking. Hey, smart guy, none of that matters as long as they made home-run selections in each round.

That is unfortunately not the case.

The Jags took Luke Joeckel, an offensive lineman from Texas A&M, with the second overall pick. Joeckel would play 39 games for the franchise over the fourth year and fail to become an impact piece. Johnathan Cyprien, the second-round pick, intercepted two passes in his four years. One could be forgiven for forgetting the careers of Dwayne Gratz and Ace Sanders. Denard Robinson, the fifth-rounder, was probably the best thing the franchise (or these two guys) did on the night and he only amassed 1,368 total yards in his career.

Jacksonville realize the err of its ways and made significant upgrades to the bunker. Here it is in 2015.

Of course, it's back to basics tomorrow night. General manager Dave Caldwell will be operating out a home theater ripped straight from an MTV Cribs episode.