Jack Easterby Has Spoken

Jack Easterby 16th Annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebration.
Jack Easterby 16th Annual Super Bowl Gospel Celebration. / Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

Amidst an avalanche of damming press pointed directly at him and seemingly done in an effort to get him fired, Texans executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby has remained silent. He didn't defend himself when former Texans legend and respected NFL voice Andre Johnson called the Texans out and urged Deshaun Watson to leave the team or when Watson said his level of anger with the Texans was a 10, both of which were interpreted as direct knocks on Easterby.

No ... Easterby hasn't made a public statement defending himself or taken to social media to fire back at those questioning him. Until now.

Easterby today tweeted something himself for the first time since Jan. 1 It was a quote by 19th-Century preacher Charles Spurgeon and seemed to be a response to those who have openly questioned his character over the last few months. Here's your peek into Easterby's mind.

A former team pastor and character coach with several other teams, most notably the Patriots, Easterby indicates in this tweet he is unperturbed by the waves of negativity crashing on top of him. In fact, he seems to indicate he is embracing the hate, kissing the tidal wave of negativity and going on with his life.

The last thing Easterby tweeted before this was on Jan. 1 celebrating a Texans victory. He retweeted a lot in between, but this is his first personal tweet since things began falling apart in Houston.

It's always interesting to hear what the most vilified person in the NFL is thinking. Because he doesn't make public statements or interviews, this is the best we can get. It doesn't tell us much except Easterby seemingly doesn't care how many people question him, he's going to press forward in the face of adversity. That might not be what Texans players, like Watson, want to hear, but it seems to fit his personality so, are we really surprised?