Jabar Gaffney Allegedly Vandalized Former Florida Teammate Lito Sheppard's Car By Pouring Something in Gas Tank


Jabar Gaffney and Lito Sheppard were high school teammates and played together at the University of Florida, before both playing in the NFL. Apparently, as Lito Sheppard told police, Sheppard has had an ongoing feud with Gaffney and his girlfriend dating back to 2012.

First Coast News is reporting that on Monday, Lito Sheppard had his car vandalized by Gaffney and his girlfriend while Sheppard was eating at a restaurant. He realized something was wrong with the car while driving home, and then went back and checked security cameras.

Sheppard said he called the restaurant and they allowed him to view the surveillance video. He named former Florida Gators teammate Derrick “Jabar” Gaffney and his longtime girlfriend as suspects, according to the police report. He said the two have an ongoing feud that began in 2012. “Gaffney retrieved some type of tool and a container from the suspect’s vehicle, walked over to the passenger’s side of the victim’s vehicle near the gas tank, and pried it open,” the report said. “Gaffney then poured an unknown substance from the container into the gas tank … The unknown female walked around the vehicle and stabbed all of the tires with a sharp object.” The suspects fled the scene in an unknown direction. Sheppard said his vehicle sustained about $14,000 in damages.

There has been no report of an arrest at this time.