Ja Morant Appears to Be Holding a Gun Again in a New Instagram Live Video

Ja Morant Hosts Sound Nightclub
Ja Morant Hosts Sound Nightclub / Prince Williams/GettyImages

Ja Morant's offseason may be picking up where his regular season left off. Morant appeared to be seen holding a gun on Instagram Live over the weekend. In a video posted by one of Morant's friends, it looks like Morant in the passnger seat holding up a gun on video.

It certainly looks like Morant. And the video streamed on the IG of someone he knows. If this really is exactly what it looks like it is that's... bad.

The All-NBA teams were announced last week and Morant was not on any of them. This cost him about $39 million and can be directly linked to the time he missed near the end of the regular season, basically because he appeared on Instagram Live holding a gun. In addition to a number of other incidents which led to the Grizzlies point guard checking himself into a counseling program.

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