J.J. Watt's New Personal Logo is Gritty and Has a High Motor

Kyle Koster
May 23, 2016, 8:55 AM EDT

Three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year and alleged robot J.J. Watt unveiled his new personal logo on Instagram Sunday night. The design looks like two J’s, a W, and the number 99 all at once so it’s a very versatile logo that conjures up fond memories of the 1990s and Magic Eye posters.

Watt becomes the third NFL player to have his own logo, joining Tom Brady and Cam Newton. ESPN’s Darren Rovell is on it.

"The logo is designed to look like rising buildings, built from the bottom up, a metaphor for the work ethic of Watt, who was a walk-on before he received a scholarship at the University of Wisconsin."

Say what you want about Watt, but it’s pretty damn impressive to incorporate decades-old disrespect into one’s visual branding. Somewhere Russell Wilson is disappointed he didn’t think to do it first.

"Reebok signed Watt in April 2015 and has used him in several spots with the tag line “Hunt Greatness.” “I have always dreamed of being able to use my experience to create something truly great, something that I believed would legitimately improve people’s performance and training,” Watt told ESPN.com. “I wanted the ability to put my own personal stamp of approval on tools that I thought would help people perform better. And that is what this logo has allowed me to do. When you see this logo, you will know that I personally had my hand in the product’s creation and that it has my own personal stamp of approval.”"

If this new logo doesn’t have you chewing glass and ready to run through a brick wall this morning, I suggest checking your pulse. Like JJ, I remind you to never settle for less than your best.