J.J. Watt Made a Highlight-Worthy Touchdown Catch Along the Sideline


J.J. Watt is insane. I mean, when you can be the best defensive lineman in football, and then you can do this, ridiculous. That throw to the sideline is an insanely difficult play for a receiver or tight end that does this full-time. I mean, where would Watt rank as just a tight end if he played the position all the time? (Obviously, not going to happen.)

So now we can add Watt to the list of guys like Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson where you just put it up and let them go make a play.

That’s Watt’s 2nd receiving touchdown of the year, and fourth of the season (fumble, interception returns also) and certainly rates up there on the all-time difficulty scale of touchdowns thrown at the goal line to defensive players.

[GIFs by @mshamburger1]

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