J.J. Watt Flew 20 Teammates to His Remote Cabin to Crush Weights and Do Dude Stuff

Kyle Koster

J.J. Watt flew 20 Houston Texans teammates up to his “remote” Wisconsin cabin to break away from the all the distractions of modern life and train for next season.

ESPN reports what’s going on at the Bro-fest:

"“They eat, they work out, they race each other in what appear to be ATVs.” “They work out in Watt’s barn, which he’s converted into a gym and also at a NX Level training facility run by Brad Arnett, Watt’s trainer since high school.”"

Sounds like the best spring break ever for dudes who have done the Cancun thing and want something more chill.

The boys’ trip coincides with Watt’s 27th birthday, which is today.

I say this from a place of love but there is no gift on earth the defensive standout would rather have than the gift of publicly holding other players to his own standard of hard work. It will be interesting to see if more Texans players begin sharing every one of their workouts — or any other grinding activity — on social media. If one doesn’t walk away from a rustic Watt weekend knowing that an unposted lift doesn’t really count then what’s the point?