It Seems Like Aaron Rodgers is Laying Groundwork to Leave Packers

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers appeared on the Pat McAfee Show today, 12 days after his season ended at the hands of the Detroit Lions in Week 18. Whether or not Rodgers will return next year is a matter of great import to the Green Bay Packers and a matter of much curiosity for many NFL fans. In the immediate aftermath of the season-ending loss, Rodgers very much sounded like a guy who was taking in the sights and sounds for the last time. He sounded ready to hang up the cleats and disappear into the Peruvian mountains for a few years, reemerging only when the stash of ayahuasca has gone dry.

Rodgers sang a bit of a different tune to McAfee on Tuesday. Obviously the emotions of the final game of the year have worn off and his tone was always going to change. But it does feel like Rodgers spent the interview laying the groundwork to leave the Packers.

First Rodgers was asked about his ability to play at a high level after he took a definitive step back in 2022. The three-time MVP expressed his absolute belief that he is absolutely capable of still playing before noting, without prompting, that the Packers may not be the right situation in which he can thrive.

Later, Rodgers addressed the possibility of a rebuild and said he had no interest in going down that path with the Packers.

Rodgers sometimes says stuff just to mess with people but we are just calling it like we see it-- these comments are messages to the front office. During the interview Rodgers rattled off a few of the Packers' impending free agents that he'd like to see re-signed. You do not have to read between the lines to get why he would say that nor why he would name-drop Jordan Love in an answer about how he might need to play in a different uniform.

Rodgers in a different uniform would be bizarre. It would also make sense for the Packers if they wanted to move on from his era with the team. Either way we'd love to see this get wrapped up quickly because we've written more than enough about Rodgers over the last two years.