It Seems Everyone Is Taking Scot McCloughan's Side In Washington Divorce

Ryan Phillips

Scot McCloughan was relieved of general manager duties by Washington on Thursday, but rather than just let him go, Daniel Snyder and company also smeared their former employee on the way out. It leaked that McCloughan had suffered alcohol relapses and had showed up drunk in the locker room.

Even if those reports are true, it’s an incredibly bad look for Washington to be leaking that kind of thing. Information like that going public is a violation of McCloughan’s privacy and if it’s true the team should have been looking to get him help, rather than shove him out the door and air his personal business.

I’m not the only one who thinks so, as the football world seemed unanimous in its contempt for Snyder, Washington team president Bruce Allen and everyone associated with the front office. There was also a ton of praised heaped on McCloughan.

Here’s just a sampling:

Clearly, Allen also lied last week, so why should we believe him now?

Then there’s this:

And now Snyder and company have opened themselves to lawsuits if it can be proven that they leaked the information:

It’s completely fine to fire your general manager if his conduct is detrimental to the franchise. It’s another thing to let him go, then leak the news that he’s a drunk.

Washington deserves whatever fallout comes its way from this situation. It’s an absolute joke of a franchise and continues to act like one.