It's Difficult to Find Tim Tebow's Bad Baseball Stats

Kyle Koster

Tim Tebow is trying to make his dream of playing Major League Baseball a reality. As sports fans and lovers of a good story, we’ve periodically been checking in on his batting statistics to see how things are going in the Arizona Fall League.

For instance, we used the league’s statistic page to share in Tebow’s success when he raised his batting average to second-worst. So when his game-winning hit in last night’s game went viral, we immediately hopped over to see just how high his average had soared.

And we couldn’t find it. Not here.

Not here either.

An article on today reports Tebow is hitting .146 and has 41 official at-bats, easily exceeding the 2 plate appearances/team game threshold. It’s noted in this amazing paragraph about Tebow’s work ethic.

"Tebow has struggled during his stint in the AFL, hitting .146 through 12 games, but he does have a hit in four of his past five games. Tebow arrives to the park an hour before his team and says he’s feeling better both offensively and defensively."

Tebow’s stats are not on his player profile page. To know how he’s performing, one must go to the Scottsdale Scorpions team page.

Look, we’re not going to don tinfoil hats and suggest that Tebow’s unimpressive stats are being intentionally shielded from the public. But jokes aside, there’s something telling that Tebow gets breathless coverage every time he gets a hit but finding empirical data on his performance takes some digging.