It Doesn't Sound Like Things Are Going Well With the Raiders and Antonio Brown


Antonio Brown has been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately. After reports emerged he was suffering from extreme frostbite after a cryotherapy session gone wrong and has no timetable to return, further reports surfaced that the enigmatic wideout had gone “radio silent” and the Raiders have no idea where he is.

So, yes, things aren’t swell out in Napa, where Oakland is hosting training camp. Then Michael Silver dropped 20 tweets in the span of 30 seconds about Brown’s behavior at camp and it is… concerning.

I mean… what? It’s understandable to feel a bit miffed by the helmet change rule after sticking with one helmet for years, but Brown’s meltdown does not seem like a proportionate reaction. Adam Schefter reported Brown is planning on filing a grievance with the NFL for the right to wear his new helmet, but this behavior does not seem like it hinges on that decision.

There’s a lot of info in here, but to say the least, it doesn’t seem like his tenure with the Raiders is going well early on. I also sincerely do not understand how he managed to “approximate” but not “mimic” Oakland’s color scheme with his new helmet. Their team colors are silver and black. Pretty straightforward! Did he just paint it gray and white and call it a day?

Strange man, this Antonio Brown. The Raiders knew what they were in for, but maybe not to this extent.