Isiah Thomas Upset Ben Simmons Isn't Playing in All the 76ers Pointless Summer League Games

Stephen Douglas

Ben Simmons sat out his second straight Summer League game on Thursday night. Simmons, who has shown himself to be a transcendent passer, was due to rest during the Sixers game on Wednesday and then the team decided to hold him out an extra game on Thursday. This did not sit well with NBATV’s Isiah Thomas.

"“I mean, you’re 19. Earn your money, get out on the floor, perform and play.”"

Thomas has a point about Simmons being 19. He should be able to play non-stop at this point in his life. The part about him earning his money in Summer League is where he completely loses it though.

Simmons will earn his money when people actually show up to watch the 76ers play. He’ll earn his money when the process shows some signs of actually working. Summer League is for guys who are trying to make it. Not for the #1 pick in the draft.