Is Tom Brady Going to Retire if the Patriots Win the Super Bowl?


The New England Patriots are the favorites to win the Super Bowl in two weeks. And if that becomes the reality, some, including Michael Vick, believe it could end up being the last game Tom Brady ever plays.

Even while he looked so far from done Sunday appearing as dominant as ever against the Chiefs, it makes more sense than not. The general consensus is already that he is the greatest to ever do it – I disagree, I think it is Aaron Rodgers – and a sixth Super Bowl really can only elevate him so much just like a seventh, and an eighth, and so on could.

With the way the NFL has evolved in the salary cap era, it takes quite the dreamer for anyone to even try to envision any quarterback catching his five, in this hypothetical six, Super Bowl victories.  So, no, there really is not a single thing Brady could do to that would impactfully alter his legacy (Well, besides prove Max Kellerman wrong).

Not only does it makes sense, but following John Elway and his archrival Peyton Manning by going out on top after another Super Bowl victory actually feels like a real possibility. This is Brady’s ninth time going to a Super Bowl, but it looks and feels different this time. He is acting different this time.

Brady has, for the most part, been humble with his words publicly and doesn’t often provide instant headlines. As of late, he has been pretending the world is against his team, calling himself the “baddest [bleeper] on the planet,” and trolling on Instagram. Another possible clue, if we are looking at this like the detectives on True Detective, his reaction to advancing to the Super Bowl was almost as if he was in shock, felt an unparalleled relief, and that it meant something more than it has the eight other times.

And then there is his wife…

If this becomes a decision Brady contemplates, all the indications are his wife will help sway him toward hanging them up. As Brady said, Gisele wanted him to retire years ago. Jay Feely told the story last year, after vacationing with the family, that Gisele even tried to get him to convince Brady to stop playing and that “she was dead serious” about it.

Of course, Tom Brady retiring is the wish of 31 teams and their fanbases, but could this be the time it actually happens? For the first time in his career, there are enough reasons for him to seriously consider it.