Is Russell Wilson Sub-Tweeting Seahawks Brass, Or Is He Just Weird?


That catchy headline admittedly might be a stretch as it’s not altogether uncommon for Russell Wilson to concoct elementary school motivation poster slogans with haphazard capitalization. Furthermore, his more avid Twitter followers are aware that he uses the #MakeThemNotice hashtag liberally, whether it’s attached to something like this, a standalone, or a mechanism through which to shill headphones.

But, Wilson is embroiled in contract negotiations. It stands to reason that if he and Seahawks management mutually agreed upon his value, they’d be done by now. Yesterday, Seattle GM John Schneider said that there was “nothing new to report” on negotiations; while he’s asserted that the Seahawks “want Wilson to be their quarterback for a long time,” he’s also pledged to be cautious. If so inclined, you could read between the lines to interpret that as a lowball offer.

Wilson’s value is difficult to quantify. Last season, he ranked 12th in Total QBR, 15th in passing yards, and 16th in touchdown passes. But, he’s an ideal quarterback for the Seahawks, who have a stout defense and running game. Wilson rarely turns the ball over, and there’s no tidy stat which encapsulates how backbreaking it is for the opposing defense when it’s 3rd and 12, they do everything right, and Wilson evades contain with cunning quickness to extend the drive.

Wins and losses aren’t an apt quarterback stat, but in this NFL you’re not going to reach two straight Super Bowls with a slouch signal caller. Ask Arizona about that. It would be monumentally surprising if a deal to keep Wilson in Seattle did not ultimately get done, but we’ll probably see a bunch more vague tweets about silencing the doubters between now and then.