Is Mark Cuban Actually Driving Around Trying to Find DeAndre Jordan's Address? [UPDATE]

By Mike Cardillo

Welp. It took the better part of a day but we’ve reach the peak of absurdity in the DeAndre Jordan Mavericks-Clippers drama. Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Mavs, is (possibly) driving around Dallas trying to find out where Jordan lives so he can make a last-ditch chance to sign him before the clock strikes midnight. At least that’s the story Chris Broussard sent out on Twitter.

Cuban better have a really fast car or access to a helicopter since it sounds like Cuban is in the wrong Texas city …

And even Darren Rovell chimed in to take a shot at Cuban (or his ESPN colleague … or both), making an atypically salient point in the process …

Theater of the NBA absurd aside, it sounds like Jordan will change his mind and stick with the Clippers, so all of Cuban’s alleged driving around Dallas is for naught …

UPDATE: Broussard corrected his previous tweet and says Cuban is in Houston, not that it sounds like it will change anything about the Jordan contract situation …

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