Is Jusuf Nurkic the First Person to Ever Dunk on Bol Bol?

Jusuf Nurkic celebrated as a conquering hero.
Jusuf Nurkic celebrated as a conquering hero. / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Jusuf Nurkic and the Portland Trail Blazers beat the Denver Nuggets, 125-115, on Thursday in the NBA bubble. Nurkic had 22 points, including this dunk on Denver's very tall rookie, Bol Bol. The question is — was he the first person to dunk on Bol? First, let's watch the video.

Pretty cool. Nurk just dropped a hammer on the kid. Just like that. It was over before Bol could even appreciate what was happening. While the Blazers celebrated, you had to wonder: when was the last time Bol Bol was decently dunked on? I mean truly, truly good and dunked on?

Google does not give me any obvious results that prove Bol was dunked on in college, though he may well have been during an Oregon Pac-12 after dark game, or maybe Bill Walton just hallucinated it. He attended four different high schools and it's unlikely it happened at either of his first two stops in Kansas. Maybe someone got him while he was at Mater Dei or Findlay Prep, but that probably would have been a story since he was such a curiosity at the time.

So was Jusuf Nurkic really the first person to dunk on Bol Bol? In the NBA, definitely. Only three teams have had a total of 41 minutes to try so far. Getting dunked on like that the first time he played more than 12 minutes might be a bad sign for his longterm prospects as fodder for human highlights. At 7'2", he's all grown up now, but the other kids are as close to his size as they have ever been. He better get used to that feeling because if he sticks around, he will be considered a trophy, just like his dad.

Here's to a decade of similar highlights.