Is Joining Twitter Dan Snyder's Worst Decision Yet?

Daniel Snyder thinking about joining social media.
Daniel Snyder thinking about joining social media. / G Fiume/Getty Images

Dan Snyder, the owner of the Washington Football Team (Est. 1932), has joined Twitter, @Real_DanSnyder. This is surprising, but also makes a ton of sense because it is so obviously not well thought-out.

If Snyder wanted to join Twitter, he would have done it years ago. He has clearly been told by someone in the Football Team's marketing department, or maybe a personal publicist, that he should join Twitter and he has done it against his will. What use could Dan Snyder possibly have for Twitter at this point in his life, years after the medium took off?

Daniel Snyder's protected Twitter account.
Daniel Snyder's protected Twitter account. /

Will he be live-tweeting games? Starting an Office re-watch podcast with Jennifer Garner? Tweeting #spon content about how great FedEx is? Or is he just looking to interact with the fans? What are the odds Dan Snyder really wants to see what people are willing to say to him on Twitter?

This is just an incredibly curious decision and I am legitimately interested to see where he goes with this. I'm sure it will be incredibly disappointing - remember when Eli Manning joined Twitter so he could tweet about hot sauce for a weekend? - but we might as well see what happens.