Is Jay Cutler Still Unsigned Because He Supported Donald Trump?

By Jason Lisk

How is it that there are 32 NFL teams and Jay Cutler is still a free agent?

The simple answer is that the quarterback market is still settling. The Tony Romo domino has yet to fall. Teams are going through the draft evaluation process at a time when there are no clear locks in the draft, but several guys who could go in the first round. Jay Cutler has been mediocre, and was injured last year, playing only five games. In fact, over the last three years, he is 6th-worst in adjusted net yards per pass, out of 29 quarterbacks (Colin Kaepernick being 2nd-worst). So those aren’t the kind of numbers that will cause teams to beat down the door immediately. Robert Griffin, for example, was still unsigned at this point a year ago, signing with the Browns on March 24th.

But simple answers don’t cut it in March when we can go with broader theories. Don’t you find it odd that Jay Cutler–who came out as a Donald Trump supporter–is still unemployed? Crazy times we live in when a guy who doesn’t vaccinate his kids is getting ostracized for his unpopular beliefs.

Cutler has been a free agent since getting cut by the Bears, but it’s been pretty much crickets on the news front. A little too quiet if you ask me. There were some rumbles that he could go to the Jets, but that has fizzled. Adam Schefter reported that he would not be visiting the team after they opted to sign Josh McCown.

How is it possible that no one else wants to talk to the charismatic Cutler? Sure, the Bears were only 12-23 over the last three years with him as a starter (only Blake Bortles and Colin Kaepernick have a lower win percentage during that time among those with 25+ starts). But he’s been to a NFC Championship Game.

What crime has Cutler committed to sit here in free agency? Supporting Trump and not vaccinating children are not crimes. Yet.

Cutler, though, draws criticism for anything and everything. Here was Stephen A. Smith when his support of Trump emerged. “When I hear the name Jay Cutler, I think about ineptitude, I think about incompetence, I think about loser, I think about leaderless.”

Cutler has even been the subject of anonymous sources from a Mike Freeman report, right after his support of Trump came out.

"“Unnamed source, I’m guessing?” Cutler asked Thursday when queried about the report. “The source could be a lot of people. It could be a made-up source. It could actually be guys in there. If people actually start putting their names on it, we can have a discussion about it."

That’s probably a good policy to have when it comes to outrageous quotes from unnamed sources, but until then, you have to wonder if the rest of the league doesn’t want to Make Cutler Great Again.