Is It Possible That Tom Brady's Big Coat is Getting Bigger?


Hall of Fame quarterback and fashion-conscious modern man Tom Brady wears an oversized winter coat on the sidelines of frigid games in Foxborough.

He looks like what would happen if Gortex-clad George Constanza tried to sneak three kids standing on each other’s shoulders into the movie theater. To be fair, Brady looks quite cozy and his postseason performance speaks for itself.

The coat, which was already solidly in meme territory, may be doing the impossible. It may be getting bigger. The above photo is from last year. The below photo is from Sunday.

What in the name of shoulder raises is going on here? SB Nation did yeoman’s work digging into the advanced sartorial stats and, folks, it appears the coat could soon be the same size as Godzilla ransacking a city.

Let me offer a theory on the item’s lateral growth. I can’t prove it but the most logical explanation about what’s going on here has to deal with disrespect. Brady is collecting every scrap of it and storing it under that thing. A few more pundits suggest Kansas City will win this weekend and the coat could be used as a second tarp at Arrowhead.