Chris Paul Is Vaccinated According to Jalen Rose [UPDATE]

Chris Paul
Chris Paul / Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Chris Paul is out indefinitely after landing in NBA COVID protocols, as reported this morning by The Athletic. How much time he will miss is dependent on several factors, not the least of which is if Paul is vaccinated.

NBA players as a whole have kept very quiet on the status of their vaccinations. Paul is no different. However, Jalen Rose went on ESPN this morning to declare to the world that Paul is, in fact, vaccinated.

As you can see above, the clip is a reply to a tweet from Suns reporter Gerald Bourguet in which Paul said vaccines are a "personal choice." According to Rose, Paul's personal choice was to get the vaccine.

There will be a lot of assumptions made about all of this, but if Paul really is vaccinated, we can confidently say his timeline to return is much shorter than if he wasn't. Which is obviously excellent news for the Suns and those rooting for Paul to finally get to the top of the mountain and earn that elusive ring at 36 years-old.

We'll hear more about this in the near future, I am sure, but the earliest the Western Conference Finals can start is Sunday. NBA COVID protocols are usually 10-14 days, but that will likely be shortened due to Paul's vaccination status. It is a possibility Paul could be out of protocol by Game 1, but Rose's report leads to the conclusion that Paul should be available for the majority of the series.

UPDATE: Phoenix radio host John Gambadoro reported Paul has tested positive for COVID-19. Shams Charania appeared on the Pat McAfee Show and had this to say about that report.