Iranians Take to the Streets to Celebrate Loss to United States at 2022 World Cup

Iran v USA: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022
Iran v USA: FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 / Anadolu Agency/GettyImages

Iran's run at the 2022 World Cup came to an end Tuesday, as it fell to the United States 1-0 and failed to advance from group play. The Iranians played well in Qatar and just missed advancing. You would think the team's countrymen would be devastated by their defeat. It appears the opposite is true.

Images are emerging from across Iran showing citizens celebrating Iran's loss and elimination from the World Cup. Masses of people are taking to the streets to celebrate, dance, shoot off fireworks and more.

Check these videos out:

Apparently the citizens view the national soccer team as an arm of the government. Given the mass anti-regime protests that have been going on for week, it's not totally surprising to see this response.