Iowa State Upsets No. 2 Oklahoma State 37-31 in Overtime. Hello, LSU vs. Alabama Rematch.


BCS Implications: It’s not really chaos. This sets up the LSU vs. Alabama rematch as far and away the most likely BCS scenario. LSU is basically in. This makes it less likely Oklahoma will swoop in on the final day. Alabama has a clear lead on Oregon who can’t do enough to turn the tide (ba-boom-tish) and won’t get the no rematch bump since they’ve played LSU as well. Provided they win the Iron Bowl, they should reach the title game as well. This would have been far more interesting if Boise State had stayed undefeated.

The only real nightmare scenario for the BCS is Alabama winning out and LSU beating Arkansas but losing the BCS title game. That would put both LSU and Alabama up for the BCS title without either having won the SEC.

Coaching Implications: Someone at a bigger program should take a serious look at Paul Rhodes. Knack for big upsets. His teams are always well coached. Going bowling at Iowa State is no mediocre feat.

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