Iowa Cop Investigated for Facebook Post Wishing for Dan Dakich to Get Shot By a Sniper

Ryan Glasspiegel

Kelly Hindman, an Iowa State Patrol supervisor, was under disciplinary investigation today after writing a Facebook post about ESPN announcer Dan Dakich during Saturday’s Ohio State-Iowa game. The AP reports:

"Hindman wrote that he wished “there was a sniper at Carver Hawkeye (Arena) to shoot the color commentator in the head…cause he is driving me nuts.” […] Former state Sen. Daryl Beall of Fort Dodge was among those who saw the post. He responded, “Kelly, do you really think it is appropriate for a law enforcement officer to talk about being a sniper and shooting somebody in the head?”"

The former state senator thought that the post showed “poor judgment,” but was not meant literally.

For his part, Dakich has taken the story in-stride:

The patrol supervisor will enjoy the opportunity to perhaps be annoyed by Dakich again tomorrow night when he broadcasts Iowa’s game at Wisconsin.

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