'Inside the NBA' Dedicated 50 Consecutive Seconds to Shaq's Feet


TNT broadcast an NBA double-header on Tuesday night. The evening began with the Chicago Bulls taking on the Brooklyn Nets which lead to a frank discussion of Kyrie Irving and his latest comments. It was the Inside the NBA crew at their best, having an honest discussion about a serious topic. Six hours later, after the games were over, the prestige TV portion of the evening was long gone.

Enter Shaq's feet.

For some reason O'Neal took his shoes and socks off for the Shaqtin' a Fool portion of the program. And to further embrace his comfort, he made the cast and crew uncomfortable by putting his feet on the desk. For fifty consecutive seconds Ernie, Kenny and Charles talked about Shaq's feet while cameras examined them from every angle.

In conclusion, Inside the NBA is a land of contrasts.