Reporter Inés Gómez Mont, Who Proposed to Tom Brady, Accused of Embezzling Millions From Mexican Government

Ines Gomez Mont
Ines Gomez Mont / Harry How/Getty Images

Super Bowl Media Day draws the most interesting of characters from all over the media world. In 2008, Mexico's TV Azteca sent their own representative by the name of Inés Gómez Mont to the event to make her own splash. Ahead of the New England Patriots-New York Giants Super Bowl, Gómez Mont showed up in a wedding dress and shouted proposals to Tom Brady and Eli Manning.

Here's video of the reporter proposing to Brady, who had already started dating his future wife Gisele at this point. There is no video of Gómez Mont proposing to Manning, but a Chicago Tribune article says it happened.

As far as I can find, Gómez Mont did not go to another Media Day, or at least didn't propose to anyone else, so this was her lone NFL career highlight.

Her name reappeared in the news cycle rather unexpectedly on Thursday morning when reports emerged that Gómez Mont and her husband are on the run from authorities after they were accused of embezzling billions of pesos from the Mexican government.

You read that correctly! Via People:

Inés Gómez Mont and her lawyer husband, Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga, are accused of embezzling close to 3 billion pesos, which is about $146 million USD, from the Ministry of the Interior in 2016 and 2017, according to Uno TV.

On Sept. 10, a federal judge issued a warrant for their arrest. Less than a week later, local outlet TVNotas reported that the couple had fled the country upon learning that they were being investigated.

Now, the Mexican Attorney General's Office is requesting that Interpol, the international criminal police organization, issue international location and capture orders against Gómez Mont and Álvarez Puga, according to Uno TV and Animal Pólitico.

Gómez Mont went from jokingly proposing to professional football players to going on the run from the Mexican government and potentially earning a spot on Interpol's most wanted list and let me tell you, it's going to make for a great Netflix True Crime docuseries next year.