Indianapolis Colts in the Playoffs This Year? It Could Happen

By Jason McIntyre

The Colts are 3-point underdogs on the road, but it is a very winnable game, despite a few significant injuries.

Let’s say Indy is 3-2. Andrew Luck seems to be improving each week. The schedule for the rest of the season is … the easiest in the NFL?

vs. Cleveland (winless)
at Tennessee (2-4)
vs. Miami (2-3)
at Jacksonville (1-4)
at New England (3-2)
vs Buffalo (2-3)
at Detroit (1-3)
vs Tennessee (2-4)
at Houston (5-0)
at Kansas City (1-4)
vs Houston (5-0)

Eleven games left in the season, and only three are against teams with a winning record.

I’d say the only definite losses on the schedule are the Patriots and Texans (twice). And a note on Houston: The Texans should have the division wrapped up in early December, and might be resting starters in the season finale.

Yes, it can be challenging for rookies to win on the road. Tennessee just beat Pittsburgh at home. Detroit won’t stay down forever, and the Lions play tough at home. And more importantly, the Colts have a porous defense and no running game.

But if you’re having a glass half-full type … is 10-6 really out of the question for the Colts? Let’s give them losses at Tennessee, at New England, at Detroit and at Houston. If injuries continue to mount for the Steelers, is a Wild Card spot for the Colts really out of the question? The AFC East doesn’t have another team playoff-ready; nor does the AFC West. That leaves Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and yes, the Colts. (Come on, San Diego has no shot, you know that!)

Obviously, this post makes it a given that the Jets beat the Colts.