Indiana Jones' Hat is a Fedora, the Dumb Hat You're Thinking of is a Trilby

On the Set of "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
On the Set of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" / Sunset Boulevard/GettyImages

Indiana Jones wears a fedora. That's a fact, but it feels like a betrayal of everything modern audiences think they know about that hat style. Indiana Jones doesn't seem like he's wearing a fedora. Indy is much more Raylan Givens than Johnny Drama. How can you tell me that Dr. Jones is wearing the same kind of hat as BieberHole69? Because he's not.

First, Workaholics brings up a great point. One fedora per crew, and Marcus Brody clearly wears a fedora. A fedora that makes him look like he's in a ska band. Does Indiana Jones look like he's in Reel Big Fish? Hell no.

And here's why: that Entourage ska band hat you're thinking of isn't a fedora. It's a trilby. I feel like I knew this. I feel like we all know this, but we've just allowed one of the coolest hats in pop culture history to be lumped in with something you'd see on a pickup artist's head.

Indiana Jones is cool, despite everything that happened in the Crystal Skull movie and whatever is about to happen in The Dial of Destiny. The Indiana Jones from the original trilogy is awesome. He would not wear the same hat as Tom Landry or Steve Spurrier. And he doesn't.

Tom Landry
Tom Landry / Otto Greule Jr/GettyImages

This is why we need to have a serious national conversation about what is and is not a fedora. With a new Indiana Jones movie coming out and the original films hitting Disney+, there's going to be a whole new generation of people being introduced to the actual fedora. Disney needs to run a warning in front of the original films noting something along the liens of, "The hat depicted in this film is an actual fedora. What you're thinking of is a trilby. Those suck. Indiana Jones rules. Enjoy the film."