Incredible Guy Makes Some Great Points About Business Cards


Business cards sound like the latest topic of a Greg Cote Back in My Day essay, as they've become less important with the advent of the internet, which is essentially a business card everyone can carry around in their pocket. But there a time not so long ago where having a card that truly meant business helped drum up business.

The dark side of this competitive world was explored quite thoughtfully in American Psycho which caused a tremendous explosion of popularity in the bone- and bone-adjacent color palate. And seeing opportunity, many self-appointed experts were available any time, day or night, to go on camera and talk about their specific area of expertise.

Like this guy, who appears to be some sort of mashup of Mighty Ducks-era Emilio Estevez and Michael Scott's mentor.

Some people are simply blessed with the gift of gab. They could sell ketchup to a person in white gloves and earthquake insurance to someone who lives in Duluth.

On first blush he may be off-putting. But watch this a few dozen times and it becomes clear he has an aura about him. Like if you had run into him 20 years ago you would have invested $80,000 into a scheme that was never going to work from the start. That you'd still be searching for him this day even though you knew he was a ghost and had long ago disappeared into the dust, onto the next town and next person he'd charm.

Bristle at the messenger, sure, but listen to the message. Think of yourself as a business card. What message are you sending out into the world?

That's probably something he would say. And it'd make sense in the moment. Which is a great gift, regardless of hindsight.