Important Work From Home Tips For People Who Do Not Have a Pool House

Stephen Douglas
James D. Morgan/Getty Images

Bill Simmons recently checked in with Sports Business Journal to let them know what it's like to work from home during a pandemic. Honestly, it sounds pretty nice, but most people probably don't have a "work bunker" which is a combination "office/man cave." There are probably even a few lower-level Ringer employees who don't have a TV dedicated to old episodes of Melrose Place in their pool house. So for the rest of us, here are the only two tips you need to get through this.

Don't Blame Your Family

You know Will Ferrell's SNL audition with the get off the shed bit? That is every single day trying to work from home and watch the kids.

This is why you have to mute the Zoom, Forbes. Simmons has children old enough to entertain themselves so his tip to not do "serious work with your family in the same room," may not apply to some. That advice just doesn't resonate with me as a one-year old tugs at my mouse arm while I try to type. And hey, slightly older child, stop trying to turn on the oven!

If you have kids, you're probably watching them right now unless your spouse or partner is one of the 30 million Americans who has filed for unemployment over the last two months. Just remember that this situation is not the fault of anyone in the room. If you're lucky enough to still be working that means your employer hopefully understands how difficult this can be. It's nice to see your kids for an extended period of time, but, holy hell, is it exhausting.

Do Use the Telephone and Other Modern Technology

The Ringer has discovered that you don't need to record a podcast in an office building with a room specifically zoned by the city of Los Angeles to be used as a podcast studio. Phones and computers work too. For podcasting, getting to know your new ownership at Spotify, and calling friends and family. And that's why this article has to end here - the kids need to video call their grandparents.

In conclusion, my house is a land of contrasts. There's just not much you can do if you're working from home with kids. Our lives have changed and it is unclear how long this will last or what the lasting effects of this will be. Hopefully working from home becomes a bigger part of the next new normal as companies had to admit traditional office settings are not always -


Sorry, I'm going to have to call you back.