If You Thought Rick Pitino's "15 second" Admission Was Rough, the "Combative" Cross-Examination Was Much Worse [UPDATE]

By Jason McIntyre

Pitino took the stand yesterday for three hours, and here are the best three details: 1) “He said it began when she started rubbing his leg as they were sitting at the bar, then suggested that they go to a booth. ‘One thing led to another,’ Pitino said.” 2) “Our encounter lasted less than 15 seconds,” Pitino said. 3) “Pitino’s personal assistant, Vinnie Tatum, also testified that he was sitting only 10 or 15 feet from where Sypher said Pitino raped her, yet heard no screams or scuffling.”

The cross-examination today was even worse. The Courier-Journal used the word, “combative” to describe Pitino sparring with Sypher’s attorney.

"Earhart asked Rick Pitino why he didn’t go to police immediately if he believed the anonymous messages were a blackmail attempt. “I don’t think you realize what was going on in my life,” said Pitino, whose team was in the midst of the NCAA basketball tournament at the time. “That was the most important thing in my life — not a false allegation.” … “She’s one of the best actresses I’ve seen in my life,” Pitino said."

Pitino said on the stand that he “pulled out” and finished “down [my] leg.” More updates as the day in court unfolds.

[Courier-Journal, Kentucky Sports Radio; photo via Getty]