If Jared Goff Flops in Year 2, the Rams Will Be in Play for Kirk Cousins

By Jason McIntyre

We can all mostly agree on two things:

1) Kirk Cousins-to-the-49ers next NFL offseason makes all the sense in the world. The Redskins botched it, and by all accounts Cousins would like to re-join Kyle Shanahan, who was Washington’s offensive coordinator in 2012 and 2013 (four starts).

2) Jared Goff should bounce back in Year 2 with the Rams. He’s got an upgrade at head coach – from an offensive perspective – from Jeff Fisher to Sean McVay, and there’s no way he can do worse, right?

But just like with LeBron-to-the-Lakers, things can happen. Who knows, maybe the clueless, dysfunctional Redskins tag Cousins for a third straight year. It’d be financial suicide, but would you put anything by Dan Snyder?

There’s always the chance the 49ers go 2-14 and are then staring down the barrel of drafting Josh Rosen, Josh Allen or Sam Darnold with the 1st pick (I personally think the Jets are clearly the worst team in the NFL, but again, things can happen) in the draft.

Wouldn’t it be easier to build a franchise around a cheap star QB, than one you have to pay top dollar for, when the rest of the team is just mediocre?

Which leads us to the Rams, who are hoping that Goff, who was the 2016 #1 overall pick, makes the leap from awful to passable next year. Los Angeles added Robert Woods to help at receiver, and beefed up the offensive line. Is that going to magically to help Goff?

Enter Kirk Cousins? The Rams are on track to have the 8th most cap space in 2018. They’ll certainly have room to add Cousins.

It should be noted that Cousins’ offensive coordinator in 2015 and 2016, when he was the full-time starter, was McVay. Maybe the boy wonder coach quickly recognizes that Goff isn’t the guy, and convinces ownership to make a big play for Cousins in 2018?