I'd Pay to Watch Ian Rapoport Wrestle Adam Schefter or Race Jay Glazer

Adam Schefter.
Adam Schefter. / Mark Brown/Getty Images

There are a lot of talented reporters who break big stories in the NFL, but the two who break the most news, and usually the most important, are Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter of the NFL Network and ESPN, respectively. Like high-profile professional athletes, these two are friends off the field and rivals on it, working tirelessly to beat the competition and report the next big piece of NFL news.

But what if they went the athletic route and competed in a series of one-on-one competitions like route running? Who would win? Rapoport was asked a similar question in an AMA on Bleacher Report and offered the following response.

""I do my exercise on the Peloton, so I don't know about sprints...I was a HS wrestler. If we wrestled, I think I'd have a good job. Now if we're talking Jay Glazer, maybe a marathon I'd have a good chance.""

That's such a loaded answer. First we learn Rap is a Peloton guy. Then we find out he wrestled in high school. What's next, he speaks Mandarin?

In all seriousness, this idea is great. We see athletes competing all the time. I'd love to see Rap, Schefter, Glazer and anyone else compete in some sort of competition where all proceeds go to charity. Wrestling and racing sound like fun, but if they're looking for more leisurely competition how about badminton or darts or shuffleboard. That would be fun too. Anything to see these two titans of NFL reporting compete in something outside of a breaking news story.

This could be a new thing for media members to do to raise charity. Who wouldn't want to see Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless throw down outside the debating arena. We can finally see them display their athletic gifts and settle the debate of who is better