I Never Want to Read Another Column Arguing For Shorter or Fewer Games

Empty seats.
Empty seats. / Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

A simple plea here and one I truly think we can all get behind even after what will prove to be a relatively small sliver of our collective hiatus has passed.

Take those columns advocating for fewer sports and put them in the garbage can, light a match, flick it, and walk away. We don't want them anymore. They are over. You were wrong.

Yes, I'm looking at you heathens who have pushed for seven-inning baseball games. Or shaving off college overtime. Or the great Norman Chad, who once argued all sports seasons are too long. Oh, the folly of your ways! How could you have possibly said those things?

And to be fair, I was never a big fan of the ideas to begin with. Especially in baseball. If you don't like something, why would less of it be more appealing? Yeah, the 162-game season is long as hell. But it's supposed to be that way. Deal with it.

An obvious exception to this rule is the NFL. The cash-grab of a 17th game is plainly dangerous to players.

But never again do I want to read another thinkpiece on how we can add enjoyment by subtraction. When and if we come out of this, the marketplace of ideas will police itself. Thankfully. It would take a special type of contrarian to trot out the idea that sports -- even a minute portion of them --should go away after we all saw how unpleasant that can be.

In the spirit of looking inward, I'll also be frank about my opposition to an eight-team College Football Playoff. What an idiot I was bemoaning an extra round! Lesson learned. Eight it is.

Anyway, in conclusion, sports are good and we should strongly consider not taking them away if not absolutely necessary in the future.