I'd Be Absolutely Astonished If the Packers Signed Colin Kaepernick

Ryan Glasspiegel

Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone today and the Packers are already saying he might be out for the year. It sucks. Talk now becomes to what they could do for a solution and Colin Kaepernick is Out There and at least better at football than Joe Callahan, the practice squad QB behind Brett Hundley on the depth chart.

I’m a die hard Packers fan and I’d love them to at least explore Kaepernick as an option — I know it was eons ago but I’ll never forget him running all over the Packers in the playoffs, at will, and hitting open receivers when he wasn’t — but I’d be absolutely astonished if they actually brought him in. First of all, Ted Thompson always chooses to build from within. When Rodgers missed seven games with a broken collarbone in 2013, the Packers used Scott Tolzien, Matt Flynn, and Seneca Wallace and went 2-4-1, with it being apparent that the team was just ill-equipped to compete without Rodgers.

Secondly, the Packers have a relatively red fan base (Madison and Milwaukee are blue, the rest of the state has banded together to keep electing Scott Walker). A few weeks ago, Aaron Rodgers, arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time, and definitely somebody who Packers fans should ask “how high” when he says jump, requested that the Lambeau faithful lock arms in solidarity during the National Anthem. By eyeball estimates from television, it appeared that about 90% of the fans did not abide by this request. The state has notoriously, significantly fraught race relations. I really hate to say this but I really think a large swath of Wisconsinites would be irate over bringing Kaepernick in, even if he gave them the best chance to salvage the season.

The Packers have the Saints coming into Green Bay next week, before they can regroup with a bye. We’ll see what happens, but I just can’t figure that Colin Kaepernick will figure into their plans.