I Am Not Calling Antonio Brown 'Mr. Big Chest'

Kyle Koster

Antonio Brown needs a football team to pay him to play football. The big-play wide receiver, who has recently embraced the accumulation of baggage, conducted an Instagram Live yesterday while working out. It was quite something.

ESPN’s NFL insider Adam Schefter was all over it, distilling the unfocused 9-minute navel gazing down to the important nuggets.

Give credit to Brown for not being subtle. He knows what he wants and it’s to not be in Pittsburgh. So why be subtle about it?

More importantly, though, and apologies to Mr. Brown here:

I’m not calling him that. And not because Mr. Big Chest is a stupid nickname, but because I don’t think he was truly serious about the nickname change. One doesn’t just throw away a long-standing initial-based moniker for something that makes little to no sense.

Brown was just looking at his chest at the time. Not to get to scientific here, but his is not even a large chest among NFL players. It would be like calling Keenan Allen “Mr. Big Lats” when Joey Bosa is hanging out over in the corner sporting more impressive latissimus dorsi.

Please join me in taking this stand. It is important to stand up for what one believes in.