Hunter Pence Asks For Help Finding Stolen Scooter

By Mike Cardillo

Hunter Pence’s love for his customized motor scooter is common knowledge around the San Francisco Bay area. Even so, some heartless person absconded with Pence’s prize possession — which he calls, “an extension of me” — outside the restuarant Epic Roasthouse Sunday night.  Naturally he’s taken to Twitter to ask for help finding it.

Pence is offering a signed bobblehead of him and his scooter as a reward — even to the person who stole it. The loss looks like it’s taking a toll on the usually happy-go-lucky Pence, as he told the Mercury News, “I had a dream I saw someone riding it. I tackled him.”

When something like this goes missing, the first place I’d check is the basement at the Alamo.

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