Arizona State's Hunter Jump Got Stuck in a Fence During Crazy Inside-the-Park Homer


Arizona outlasted rival Arizona State, 7-6, in a marathon game Friday night. As everyone already knows, you can throw the records out when these two clubs lace them up. A new revelation, though, is that you can also throw out all the bounds of sanity.

To prove this, Arizona's Tanner O’Tremba collected an inside-the-park home run earned amid the oddest of circumstances. After smacking what looked to be an easy double down the left-field line, O'Tremba watched as Sun Devils outfielder Hunter Jump raced over to retrieve the ball and somehow became entangled in the fence.

With the ball laying just a few feet out of his grasp, Jump realized right away that he couldn't reach it and asked for relief. But much like in the Saw franchise, there would be none coming.

“I’ve never seen that. The rule doesn’t allow a player being wedged into a wall. It’s only the ball,” ASU head coach Tracy Smith said. “The fact that he got his foot caught in the fence just didn’t matter. I think he did the right thing given the situation he was in. Just a really unfortunate play.”

With the new baseball season in its early stages, it's great to get a highlight like this out there as a reminder that each and every day brings the opportunity to see something you've never seen before. A dude getting ensnared in chainlink is unexpected. Extra irony points for the immobilized player having the name Jump. Interesting writing all around.